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    These ladies enjoyed a night out Wednesday at the On Target Indoor Shooting Range. Big Mark Dobrilovic organized the event and received help providing individual instruction at the lanes from Frank McKay, Hal Finelt and Mike Nutto.

    The gals expressed satisfaction at the sense of freedom from learning to shoot. They were also pleasantly surprised at their rookie markmanship – lots of bullseyes.

    Dee McKay provided class instruction on guns, maintenance and safety prior to the hands-on activity.


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What would be great is a program from the water district that rewarded residents that replace their lawns with beautiful native plants. Native plants do not require much, if any, irrigation. There is a way to create a beautiful landscape with these beautiful native plants and maintain an aesthetically pleasing yard.

Las Vegas’ water district asked their residents to “roll up their lawns because it’s a desert out there.” Although we don’t live in the Mojave desert, we do live in a semi-arid climate that “ships” much of our water in from the outside. We are all responsible for water conservation. The rest of the country has their eyes on us; we need to lead the way to a more sustainable and not wasteful style of living. Freedom is found in sustainability, but we still need to work together.

Dounia Gonzalez

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    On Monday the City Council will consider leading a partnership of communities in expanding recycling to commercial food waste. Under the proposal, MV would join with Irvine, Laguna Beach, Ladera Ranch and Los Flores in implementing an exploratory food waste recycling program which would reduce landfill usage.

    Food waste is biodegradable, so the program is simply designed to reduce bulk in landfills, not to remove toxic compounds. The diverted waste will be converted into compost and other useful materials by Waste Management, according to it’s spokesperson, Michelle Clark.

    The plan for the joint program is to enlist a few commercial food waste producers to participate in a one-year plan on a voluntary basis. The increase in total city waste diversion is expected to be relatively small during the initial phase of the program.

    If the project is extended after one year, it could then be expanded to more businesses based on the experience and success of the pilot enterprise. There are no current plans to expand the diversion to residential customers.

    The concept is stimulated and funded by OC Waste and Recycling, a County Agency. Two million dollars are available in grant money. Individual or joint jurisdictions can apply for up to a total of $400,000.

    OC Waste and Recycling will select winning applicants on May 14. The County will then negotiate the financial agreement with the successful applicants. Those applicants will have to be formally accepted by the Board of Supervisors on June 23.

    The MV Council will decide whether to pass a resolution ratifying the application, which has already been submitted for a $400,000 grant, and also whether to accept responsibility as lead agency. The money would be paid to the lead agency for discretion in paying administrative and other costs. 

    The joint participants may enter into financial agreements regarding allocation of costs. The cities and unincorporated areas involved in the joint program wouldn’t be required to contribute local funds.  It is unclear how much money would be necessary for administration by Mission Viejo compared to expenses payable to the waste company for conversion equipment and other costs.

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    The County Health Agency conducted a teleconference this morning (Thurs) with the City regarding the Swine Flu.  The agency reported two “probable” cases of Swine Flu in Orange County, which could be confirmed sometime today.  Lab results generally require 6-12 hours to yield conclusive results.

    The County may declare a local state of emergency today, so it can plan and prepare at a heightened level.  A supply of  270,000 treatments of anti-viral medicines, Tamiflu and Relenza, have been  stored locally.  The treatments came from the national strategic stockpile, and will be distributed when existing local supplies are depleted.

    The City was informed it is likely school closures will be ordered where students are diagnosed with the Swine Flu.  The County Agency is planning protocols for possible mask use by the public.

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    An operation by the Sheriff’s On-site Investigation team led to a car chase and multiple crashes after officers tried to detain a parolee.  Sgt. Mike McHenry led his team out of the Aliso Viejo Substation. He told the Dispatch his deputies traveled to a home near Alicia and Po to investigate a weapons possession allegation against MV resident Bilal Omar, age 36.

    Omar was in his vehicle when officers arrived.  He managed to ram one police vehicle and leave the scene, chased by deputies.  The suspect sideswiped a vehicle on Muirlands before proceeding to Alicia and the I-5.  He then struck another vehicle on the northbound onramp before becoming blocked by freeway traffic near the Los Alisos overpass.

   The parolee abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot, but was overtaken by deputies.  A stolen weapon was found nearby alongside the freeway. Officers suspect it was thrown from the car by Omar.

    Omar was incarcerated on charges of assaulting an officer with his vehicle, evading officers and substance violation.

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    A Mission Viejo man has pleaded guilty to raising funds for a terrorist group, according to the LA Times.  Hossein Kalani Afshari, 52, acted with a group collecting donations from LAX travelers, ostensibly for a charitable purpose in Iraq.

    The plea agreement was reached just before a trial was to begin.  Afshari admitted to raising funds for Mujahedin-e Khalq, or MEK, for its terrorist activities.  Contributors were told their donations were for the Committee on Human Rights, also known as the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran. Funds were wired to the MEK from the group’s non-profit bank account.

    A judge will administer sentencing on August 10.  Afshari faces up to 20 years in prison.

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Hurray for Chief Mike Gavin and his officers, we need more people like them to protect our children; and send a strong message to offenders like Dishno, do not look, think or even get close to our children, because our Deputies will get you and sent you where you belong, state prison. Fantastic work Officers!!! Thank you, for a job well done.

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