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    Yesterday the Moulton Water District Trustees approved a price increase that will step prices up over the next three years.  The action will result in a $20 monthly hike in the average residential bill.  The Santa Margarita District is expected to approve similar increases at its meeting on July 8.

    On June 1 the average Moulton bill will surge from $37 to $43, or 16%.  On June 1 of 2010 and 2011 another $7, and then $8, will be imposed, respectively.  The raises amount to 57% inflation in water rates over the three year period.

    Last month the District also announced water use restrictions effective June 1 as part of its ‘Level 2’ shortage alert.  MV residents can irrigate yards only on Monday, Thursday and Saturday before 10 am or after 5 pm for periods not to exceed 15 minutes.  The rules prohibit washing driveways or other paved surfaces and ban washing vehicles unless by bucket or with a hose equipped with a positive water shut-off nozzle.


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When my little cousin (now 37 yrs old) sent me this article I couldn’t believe it! I used to work at Farrells (1979-1982) Ice Cream Parlour back in the ‘day’. What a place for a kid working his way through college to work at! The memories ALONE of a time in my life that was MUCH simpler with no worries and responsibilities are priceless. My biggest concerns in 1979 were to get that ‘ZOO’ over to table 41 before it melted. The hot fudge cake (wow!), the ‘Green River’ drink, the cheeseburgers and patty melts!

All their food was so, SO good that it was a mystery to me (and very dissappointing) how Farrells ever could’ve just dissappeared. So welcome back and thanks so much, Mr. Bob Farrell, for bringing back a piece of HISTORY! (at least Southern Californians think so!) I look forward to taking MY kids there very soon!

Maurice Quintero

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TKs menu board crop

TK Outside    The new TK Burger restaurant opened by surprise Wednesday, ahead of schedule, as previously announced in the Dispatch.  Here’s a look at the menu and the decor. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

    The beach and surf theme is true to the founding heritage of TK in Newport Beach.  It appears more attention was paid to atmosphere in the MV location, compared to the laid-back simplicity of the other four stores. 

    The site is on Chrisanta near LaPaz.

TKs dining room crop

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    Without announcement, TK Burgers quietly opened its new location on Chrisanta today (Wed), although a ribbon-cutting Grand Opening wasn’t scheduled until Friday, May 22. 

    The compact facility quickly filled with nearby MVHS students, who have been impatiently waiting weeks for the opening of the gourmet burger place. TK Burgers converted the former Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.    

    TK is an Orange County phenomenon, with burgers voted “best in L.A. and O.C.” There are four other locations: Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa (Bristol), and Costa Mesa (19th St).  The stores are relatively bare-bones in decor, relying on a casual atmosphere and the quality of their food.

    A cheeseburger is $3.99 but the popular order is the Big Bargain Special for $4.29 – a cheeseburger with fries, no substitutions. The cheeseburger is served on a toasted bun with a purple onion wedge, long pickle slice, tomato slice, and iceberg lettuce. It’s accented with Thousand Island dressing and mayo.

    TK meat is delivered daily and never frozen. The buns are baked exclusively for their customers. Every item is cooked to order, and there are no food warmers or heat lamps.

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I am so excited! I loved Farrell’s when I was a kid! I went to so many of my friends birthday parties there! I had my birthday there and we ordered the “Farrell’s Zoo,” which is what you have to have for a birthday party, and it was delivered by 2 servers, carried above their heads and accompanied by a huge siren (very loud & obnoxious)! I loved the little plastic monkeys that decorated it too! I am so excited to take my kids! It’s not very often that you get to share a special place like this, from your childhood, with your kids!

Mitzi Inman

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Farrells Sketch

    Some long-time residents will be able to remember taking the family to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour for special events.  Saddleback Valley wasn’t very developed back then, so there wasn’t a store in Mission Viejo, but the festive 1900’s atmosphere of Farrell’s was worth the drive north to Beach Blvd, especially for their popular party packages.

Farrels_hats    Mike Fleming, CEO of Parlour Enterprises, told the Dispatch today the firm will open its first Orange County store at  the Shops of Mission Viejo this Fall.  It will be located in the space formerly occupied by Ocean 33, an upscale eatery.

   The MV Parlour will be the company’s “concept breakout” store, featuring modern trends to complement its famous ice creams.  It will also sell sugar-free ice cream, frozen yogurt and soy-base treats for people who are lactose averse.  The menu will offer pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches plus soups and salads.  A menu can be viewed from the closest current Farrell’s, two hours away in Santa Clarita.  Two other stores exist in Hawaii.

Pres Paul Kramer-Bob Farrell-CEO Mike Fleming

Pres Paul Kramer-Bob Farrell-CEO Mike Fleming

    Farrell’s was founded by Bob Farrell in 1963.  After the chain was sold in the 1970’s, a concept change caused a decline. By 1990 most of the stores closed.  Parlour enterprises acquired the trademark in 1996, but legal trouble interrupted the comeback between 2003-2008.  Expansion plans are now back on track, and Bob Farrell has returned as an advisor to Parlour.

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baskin-robbin-31    Baskin  Robbins  stores  are  holding  a promotion this evening only, Wednesday, April 29, from 5-10 pm.  Scoops of ice cream will sell for only 31 cents each – a triple cone for less than a buck!

    There are three stores in Mission Viejo at 22922 Los Alisos (at Trabuco), 27690 Santa Margarita Parkwy (at Los Alisos), and 25276 Marguerite Parkway (at LaPaz). 

   The special promotion is a nationwide event. In conjunction, Baskin Robbins will make a $100,000 donation to the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) National Junior Firefighter Program, which encourages youth education about the vital, life-saving work done by volunteer emergency services and helps to establish a pipeline of future firefighters to keep our communities safe.

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