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    Trabuco High students dominated a poster contest sponsored by the County’s Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Team. The goal of the Annual Prevention Poster Contest is to recognize and support students for promoting lifestyles free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

    THHS students of won 10 of the 12 awards. The first place posters go to the State Capitol as well as the White House. Some are also used as the ads at bus stops. First place winners received $100 and their posters are printed. The second and third place winners don’t get published, but they received $75 and $50. A reception and dinner was held in their honor.

    The Trabuco winners in the four categories were: 1) Postitive colored theme: Paul Kim (1st for boy at beach) and Brandon Shivers (2nd for football players with flag); 2) Anti-tobacco: Justin Pakneshan (1st for cigarette as key in lock) and Landon Gold (2nd for military crosses); 3) Anti-violence: Emily McKay (1st for mouth chained) and Cheryl Smith (2nd for child sitting in doorway) and Shinhwa Joyce Baek (3rd for back of little girl’s head); and 4) Anti-alcohol: Paul Kim (1st for beer mug with perosn inside) and Kay Tanaka (2nd for blue hands) and Rachel Savage (3rd for girlfriend/boyfriend).   Click images below to enlarge.

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Roll up your sleeves Mission Viejo. This community will not sit still for rejection of what was a carefully crafted, and well supported charter school. There was no legal basis for the rejection recommendation; it is based on opinion and conjecture.

The appeals processes will in all likelihood expose the majority in this administration and Board as not just shortsighted, but clearly acting on an agenda cloaked with obfuscation and posturing. What Board creates a flawed criteria to evaluate school closures, which recommends historic, superior performing schools to be closed against overwhelming community opposition including the city’s own Mayor?

This Board first voted to keep O’Neill open, then staged a reversal with the only opposition coming from a set up group of opponents from neighboring Lake Forest . . . hardly representative of the actual community served or effected. The Board should be on notice that the gloves will now come off. Undoubtedly available legal redress will be sought so that the Board’s goal to stall the Charter process, until it is too late to keep O’Neill open as it is, or establish the improved Charter program for Fall, will be defeated.

The voters will eventually deal with this betrayal of leadership but the first task is to congratulate and support the fighters who are saving education, neighborhoods, and indeed the entire planned community we live in. Please go May 12 to the School Board’s meeting and shout your support, or just show your face to say, “No” to this misguided effort of a small number of elected officials.

It is time to stand up!

Bert Bennett

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    On Thursday deputies responded to the report of a man trying to climb over a fence in the back yard of a residence.  The officers found the 40-something man extremely intoxicated and stuck on top of the fence near Escalona and Los Ondas, off Avery Parkway.

    When the subject tried to extricate himself from the predicament, he fell, cutting his face over the eye.  He was taken to Mission Hospital for treatment and released to his wife.

    “Apparently the man lives just a few doors from where he was discovered on the fence,” Lt. Meyer stated to the Dispatch. “Deputies will be documenting the incident as a trespass and public intoxication and the report will be sent to the district attorney. He was not arrested.” 

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kiddie-castle    A Mission Viejo company, Kiddie Castle, has obtained agreements to place 300 of its brightly themed vending machines in shopping centers. Simon Properties, owner of the Shops at Mission Viejo, has approved locating machines in its malls.

    Kiddie Castle franchisees offer items for babies and toddlers from the Castles, according to Vending Marketwatch. The Company uses trademarked characters, Princesses Kayla Savanna and Sirs Nicolas and Alexander, to provide appeal to parents needing a one-stop source for supplies while shopping or traveling. Items include fresh baby bottles, pacifiers, diapers, toys and activity books.

    Would the machines be handy for parents while hiking the Oso Creek Trail? The 7-foot machines would be dwarfed by the 13-ft kiosks recently approved by the City Council, but perhaps MV’s Public Services Director would be interested in promoting the idea if the Kiddie Castle Company would allow placement of his iron tree logo on top of the machines. Lance MacLean and Trish Kelley, members of the Economic Development Committee, could also consider the machines for raising cash to replenish the City’s declining revenues.

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    For the second time this month, a sewage leak in Mission Viejo closed Doheny State Beach.  The latest incident occurred Monday on Crown Valley near Coco’s Restaurant.

    Bob Gummerman, General Manager of Moulton Water District, told the Dispatch a couple one liter plastic bottles caused the problem.  One of the bottles tilted and stuck in the 10-inch sewer pipe.  That caused a solid waste backup to the previous manhole where sewage water escaped through the manhole cover, into the street gutter, and down the storm drain on the eastbound lanes of the street.

    The leak was reported at 10:01 am Monday and fixed at 10:26 am.  Based on the leakage during that time, the escaped volume was estimated at 750 gallons, although officials were uncertain how long the leak existed before being reported.

    Doheny State Beach re-opened today, Friday.  Under state law a beach must be closed if a spill is reported, regardless of whether any tests have been performed.  Opening a beach must be preceded by two consecutive days of testing showing acceptable bacteria counts.

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    The budget cuts suggested by staff at last night’s Capo School Board meeting didn’t seem to fit the mindset of some Trustees.  Mike Winsten and Ellen Addonizio expressed viewpoints that salaries should instead be cut, with Addonizio asking when union negotiations would begin for the 2009-2010 academic year, according to Beyond the Blackboard (BTB).

    Perhaps the ‘handwriting was on the wall’ when Addonizio pointed out a couple weeks ago that 85% of the budget was salaries, implying it would require disproportionate impacts to students if salaries weren’t addressed.

    Other board members also objected to some of the staff recommendations, indicating there may be broader support for looking at salaries.  The current economic news, including corporate layoffs and salary cuts, might meld with a rationale for salary reductions.  The agenda report for the meeting included the following savings possibilities:


    Capo has three unions representing teachers, support personnel (custodians, etc.), and transportion employees, respectively. Deputy Superintendent Suzette Lovely has been the chief labor negotiator for the District, although it was reported today by BTB that she is leaving CVUSD on June 5.  She told the MV Dispatch she contacted the unions to set a first meeting, but a date has not been set.  All negotiations, and related discussions with the Board, will be in closed session.

    The Board is scheduled to adopt next year’s budget at its April 13 meeting.  That isn’t enough time to achieve salary concessions, so the $25 million in cuts for 09-10 will need to come from other programs, pending salary negotiations over the upcoming months.  If salary reductions are agreed, the budget could then be revisited to restore other cuts.

    On March 9 the Board approved the tentative retroactive teachers’ contract for 08-09.  The pact froze salaries at the level of the previous contract.  The union membership subsequently voted overwhelmingly to accept the 08-09 proposal.  It expires on June 30 of this year.

    Upon expiration of the current contract, and assuming a new agreement has not been reached for 09-10, salaries will continue at the current levels, per previous California court rulings.  Negotiations could continue indefinitely, or until one side declares an impasse.  The California Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) would then examine the negotiations to determine if a legitimate impasse existed. 

    If PERB certified the impasse, a three-member fact-finding board would be established.  Its members would include a judge (neutral), a representative of the District, and a member of the Union.  After reviewing the facts, that board would render a decision stating what terms should be included in an agreement.  Its decision, however, would not be binding.  Instead of accepting the decision, the Union could strike or the District could take action against the Union, but either scenario is mutually harmful and rarely occurs.

    Without salary cuts it appears the District may increase class sizes to save almost $11.5 million of its $25 million goal.  The biggest impact would be to grades 1-3.  Other targets include music, athletics, textbooks and adult education.

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