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    Yesterday the Moulton Water District Trustees approved a price increase that will step prices up over the next three years.  The action will result in a $20 monthly hike in the average residential bill.  The Santa Margarita District is expected to approve similar increases at its meeting on July 8.

    On June 1 the average Moulton bill will surge from $37 to $43, or 16%.  On June 1 of 2010 and 2011 another $7, and then $8, will be imposed, respectively.  The raises amount to 57% inflation in water rates over the three year period.

    Last month the District also announced water use restrictions effective June 1 as part of its ‘Level 2’ shortage alert.  MV residents can irrigate yards only on Monday, Thursday and Saturday before 10 am or after 5 pm for periods not to exceed 15 minutes.  The rules prohibit washing driveways or other paved surfaces and ban washing vehicles unless by bucket or with a hose equipped with a positive water shut-off nozzle.


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