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Mission Viejo residents donated 10,000 pounds of food—five tons—for the National Letter Carriers Food Drive on May 9. I got this total from no better source than my own carrier, who was proud of the accomplishment.

The US Postal Service, postmasters and carriers worked extra hard, and the general public also responded equally to the increased need for donations in the recession. The sponsoring Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County collected about 300,000 pounds of food through the mail carriers—150 tons. That was 60,000 pounds more than the prior year, a 20-percent increase. Based on population, Mission Viejo’s contribution was right on target with the county haul.

With the recession and high gas prices affecting everyone, people were more generous in realizing that the working poor, seniors on fixed income and the unemployed middle class were in greater need than every for food. The Register frequently reported on this growing need coupled with declining receipt of overstock from grocery stores, food manufacturers and government surplus.

While the federal government is expanding its social net, the American public replied loudly and clearly on May 9, “We can take care of our own.”

For the last year I have been one of thousands of volunteers at Second Harvest, which supports 400 civic and religious organizations that distribute the food directly to the needy. For more information, go to www.feedoc.org.

Allan Pilger


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